Day 3 Term 2 Fun Update

Day 3 has begun.

Wow, yesterday was full of responding to the most amazing emails about what you are all doing. Today I will put them all together into a presentation to celebrate our first week of remote learning. (Still, time to send them in this morning to

You will be able to see a wide range of learning from at home cooking classes, maths class with building fences, engineering and construction with robots and drift bikes, Zoom cooking classes with yummy donuts (or doughnuts) being made, Reading in funny yet comfy places, pets getting or helping with lessons, digital learning in all sorts of places…..the list goes on….INCREDIBLE JOB!!!

Today kids I would like you to take a moment to say a huge thank you to your parents. It is a lot of work and fun being a parent, especially in the lockdown. Please get them a big hive 5, hug, pat on the back…or something else like a card. Just to say how proud of them you are and we are.

Parents, adults and teenagers in the family helping out…we say a big THANK YOU on behalf of our school community for helping everyone to stay safe and to have fun with learning.

Yesterday I asked a question…had a wondering…about Mr Salter’s hat.. was it for the cold or was it covering a bad lockdown hairstyle? Kids in his class soon told me that no he was just cold and that his hairstyle was ok in his Zoom classes. Phew! Glad to hear Mr Salter.

Finally hope your paper plane (Carlo’s Weekly School Challenge on Facebook) making is going better than mine! Still working on it but enjoying the trials that have been hilarious.

Enjoy Day 3 and then take the next two days off.

Miss O