Alert Level 2 Update

Good morning everyone.
Last night you would have heard that we are going back into Alert Level 2 as of lunchtime today until midnight on Friday.
For now here are the main points:
1) School is still OPEN and running as usual with increased cleaning and health management.
2) If your child has cold or flu-like symptoms or is generally unwell keep them at home and notify our office of their absence.
3) A reminder if your child has an allergy or reaction to soap or hand sanitiser – please supply a soap that they can use.
4) We will once again be increasing the deliberateness of teaching and taking additional steps to ensure our children (and staff’s) personal hygiene practices are at a high standard and actively being supervised at key times of the day eg: eating, toileting etc
We will send out more detailed information later this morning to explain exactly what this means for our school eg: Site access, the physical distancing of adults on site etc
Remember…”We have got this!”. We have done it successfully before and we will do it successfully again as we work together.
Patrice O’Connor