Alert Level 2 Update

Good morning everyone.
Last night you would have heard that we are going back into Alert Level 2 as of lunchtime today until midnight on Friday.
For now here are the main points:
1) School is still OPEN and running as usual with increased cleaning and health management.
2) If your child has cold or flu-like symptoms or is generally unwell keep them at home and notify our office of their absence.
3) A reminder if your child has an allergy or reaction to soap or hand sanitiser – please supply a soap that they can use.
4) We will once again be increasing the deliberateness of teaching and taking additional steps to ensure our children (and staff’s) personal hygiene practices are at a high standard and actively being supervised at key times of the day eg: eating, toileting etc
We will send out more detailed information later this morning to explain exactly what this means for our school eg: Site access, the physical distancing of adults on site etc
Remember…”We have got this!”. We have done it successfully before and we will do it successfully again as we work together.
Patrice O’Connor

School opening and moving to Alert Level 2!

Hi Parents and Caregivers

Please read this update very carefully as it has a lot of important information about how our school will run in Alert Level 2 eg: Access to the school site, Social distancing, Health and Safety etc.

I know it is a lot, however, there is a lot to cover as we will be working within a “new normal” and it won’t be just business as usual for somethings.

Please let us know if your child/ren are NOT returning to school in Level 2 by Friday.  Please ring or email our school office team at

We look forward to having you all back next Monday!

Level 2 Coronavirus update Tuesday 12th May 2020

School Open on Monday 18th May 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers
Today our PM Jacinda Arden announced that we will be moving to Alert Level 2 in the upcoming days.
This means that our school will once again be open for face-to-face learning on Monday 18th May. We will send out more information over the next few days to keep you up to date and unpack this more.
As a school staff and Board, we are excited about our children returning and once again being able to enjoy all the learning and fun things that makes our school a special place to be apart of.
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Miss O’Connor

Opening for Level 3 and our Week 2 Term 2 Update

Hi everyone,

I can confirm that we will be opening in a “limited way” on Wednesday 29th of April with two “school bubbles” working onsite.
Even though there are some children and staff on-site our school grounds will remain closed to all others until further notice.
Information for our “school bubble” families will come out on Monday via emails to them.
Thank you to all our families for helping our teachers and I know who needs to be on-site in a bubble in Level 3.

Thank you to all the families that have sent in photos in for our second slideshow. I will put this on the Facebook page on Tuesday, so if you have a photo of something that you have done or learnt in Level 4 this week and would like to share it with others..please send it in. I will do this Monday afternoon.

Last chance to send your tiny house design photos to Esther.

Thank you to all of you for another successful week of distance/remote learning for our school.
I would also like to say a huge thank you to Steve, Jackie and Lance our cleaning team. They are working extremely hard behind the scenes to keep our school clean, healthy and ready to go for learning. We really appreciate you!!!

Enjoy your ANZAC weekend…and your ANZAC biscuits!

Miss O’Connor

Important COVID-19 Update: Going to Level 3

Hi everyone

Attached is the COVID-Update for Level 3 from Jane Cooper (BOT Chairperson) and I.  We know there is a lot of information in it, however, we need you to read it thoroughly.  Hopefully, it will answer a lot of questions that you may have about what Level 3 looks like for our school community.

I have also put it on our school website so you can see it in a larger version on a computer if you need (or you can print it out) under the COVID-19  banner on the front page.

As information comes out from the Ministries of Health and Education I will update the community accordingly.


Patrice O’Connor

COVID-19 UPDATE 21st April 2020 ALERT LEVEL 3

Day 3 Term 2 Fun Update

Day 3 has begun.

Wow, yesterday was full of responding to the most amazing emails about what you are all doing. Today I will put them all together into a presentation to celebrate our first week of remote learning. (Still, time to send them in this morning to

You will be able to see a wide range of learning from at home cooking classes, maths class with building fences, engineering and construction with robots and drift bikes, Zoom cooking classes with yummy donuts (or doughnuts) being made, Reading in funny yet comfy places, pets getting or helping with lessons, digital learning in all sorts of places…..the list goes on….INCREDIBLE JOB!!!

Today kids I would like you to take a moment to say a huge thank you to your parents. It is a lot of work and fun being a parent, especially in the lockdown. Please get them a big hive 5, hug, pat on the back…or something else like a card. Just to say how proud of them you are and we are.

Parents, adults and teenagers in the family helping out…we say a big THANK YOU on behalf of our school community for helping everyone to stay safe and to have fun with learning.

Yesterday I asked a question…had a wondering…about Mr Salter’s hat.. was it for the cold or was it covering a bad lockdown hairstyle? Kids in his class soon told me that no he was just cold and that his hairstyle was ok in his Zoom classes. Phew! Glad to hear Mr Salter.

Finally hope your paper plane (Carlo’s Weekly School Challenge on Facebook) making is going better than mine! Still working on it but enjoying the trials that have been hilarious.

Enjoy Day 3 and then take the next two days off.

Miss O

Term 2 begins!

Hi everyone
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and were all visited by the Easter Bunny. I heard that some of the hunts were very exciting and a few eggs were very tricky to find in a few houses!
As you know it is the start to Term 2 tomorrow.
Firstly a big welcome to our new students who are starting with us tomorrow. Your teachers and classmates will look forward to getting to know you online or by phone… until we can all get to know you and your families in person.
It will be a very different way of learning to what we are all used to, however, I am sure we will all do our very best and work together to make it happen in one form or another.
There is a lot of information happening in the media and on social media about learning. Do what is manageable for you and your kids, but don’t feel pressured to do it all ie: Join every free app available, watch TVNZ learning channels, do all the class learning ideas either digitally or on paper…..etc
Please remember at all times the biggest priority during this time is the happiness, well being and safety of you and your family. Children will be learning even in the day-to-day interactions and household activities that they are apart of.
After all, this when school is back together, we can go from wherever we are at and still do extremely well!
Teachers have been doing the last catch up meetings today and digital learning is now ready to be sent out first thing tomorrow morning for kids to begin. Remember there may be a lot of ideas and activities, however, do what is achievable to you. If you need more ideas…let your teacher know lol!
It will be a learning curve for everyone and we will take each day as we go and make necessary adjustments to learning programmes together.
Digital kids will have work sent out to them via their Seesaw accounts or Google Classroom (Kids – login into your class tomorrow and also check your school Gmail too).
If you have not received anything or you have questions teachers are contactable from 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday via their email address. If you are unsure what their email is simply going to our website and look under contacts and staff lists.
I have sent the list of learning packs that I know of off to the Ministry. They have sent out some of the first ones however we still have a few families waiting on packs …all going to plan they will be with you in the next couple of days.
A few families are waiting for school devices. As previously emailed these will be arriving by the end of this week by courier.
It has come to our attention through the last week that some parents may have changed their email address and/or contact details. If this is you or you want to double-check then please email your teacher.
Besides the teachers, if you need any assistance from me please do not hesitate to email me
After all this admin…. there will be some fun challenges put on the school Facebook from our Head and Deputy Head Students or myself that your kids might like to get involved in with your help. These will be posted in the next few days.
So let’s get excited because school is about to begin!
Miss O!

Setting up a FREE Digital Safety Filter for home.

Tēnā koe
Helping students stay safer online from home
As you know, children’s online safety is important. At school, Network for Learning (N4L) helps keep your students safe from the bad side of the internet. During lockdown, the students’ place of learning shifts to their home. So N4L has worked out a way to help parents keep their children safely connected at home.
FREE N4L safety filter for all students
We’ve set up a safety filter that parents can set up on their child’s learning devices from home. Just go to to find clear instructions on how to do this.The free N4L safety filter (by global cyber-security leader, Akamai) blocks websites containing known cyber threats like phishing scams, malicious content and viruses, while also protecting children from content deemed the worst of the web (like adult sites).It is an extension of one of the many safety and security services we have in place at schools and is a valuable layer of protection to help keep children safe online. Please remember that technology is not a silver bullet and the filter should be used in combination with Netsafe’s online parent safety toolkit.
How does it work?
Once a child’s device is set up, all internet search requests will go through the safety filter which checks if the website they are trying to visit is safe before allowing access. If it’s a website that’s known to be unsafe, then it will be blocked. The safety filter is applied to the child’s device, so parents’ devices are not affected. 

Any questions?
We have answered key questions at alternatively please send any questions to