Enrolment and School Zone

Below is a list of commonly asked questions around Enrolment and our School Zone.  If there is any information that we have not answered below please do not hesitate to contact our administration team (office@greytown.school.nz or 06 304 9007).

Is Greytown School zoned?

Yes, Greytown School is zoned and children enrolling need to live within this area in order to be accepted.  To find out more about our zone please check out the zone link.

How can I check that we live within the zone?

Our zone is

  • Within Greytown
  • Between the Waiohine River and the Humphries St, Woodside Rd
  • West of the railway line between the Waiohine and Tauherenikau Rivers
  • On State Highway 2 south of Greytown to emergency number 2034
  • Within 1.6Km of the Battersea Bus route which travels the Greytown to  Martinborough Road, Battersea Rd, Wards Line, Fabians Rd, & Papawai Rd
  • In the Papawai area to the Ruamahanga river
  • State Highway 2 from south of the Waiohine river to Greytown

Click here to see enrolment zone (please search for Facility Name: Greytown School)

What identification and information do I need to bring?

As part of the enrolment process, it is compulsory that a copy of your child’s birth certificate is produced as evidence of their age. Evidence of immunisation will also be requested.

For all other new enrolments, parents will be asked to fill out an enrolment form at the office either on or before the first day of attendance.

If you wish information to be sent to you please contact us with:
Child’s name:
Parents names:

To keep up to date with school events and news we suggest you signup to our newsletter under the Contact Us Tab when you enrol and if you have a smartphone search for the Greytown School App.

When can I enrol my child?

You can enrol your child at any time by visiting our office or emailing our admin team (office@greytown.school.nz) who can contact you with further information.  Children can enrol on the day, however, we actively encourage all our parents/caregivers to do this in advance so we can make well thought out decisions on your child’s class and teacher. 

Parents/caregivers can pre-enrol their child/ren that may not be turning 5 for another year or more (if you know that Greytown is your long term home).  This is particularly helpful for setting up school visits ahead of time and we actively encourage this as we can make decisions about class structures, teachers and ensure class sizes are at an optimum level (especially for the start of each term or new year).

Can my child start school before they are 5?

No, you can fill out the forms and enrol your child before they are five,  however, they cannot legally begin school before their fifth birthday.

Does my child have to start on their fifth birthday?

The majority of our children start on their fifth birthday or the beginning of the week following, however, a small number of children start at the beginning of the following term.  Legally your child does not need to start school before their 6th birthday.

If you are thinking about starting your child after their fifth birthday please take time to

  • Talk with your early childhood center staff that know your child.
  • Contact our office to make a time to come in and discuss this with our principal Patrice O’Connor or new entrant teachers.

Together we can help you make an informed choice that sets your child up for success.

How do I enrol my New Entrant and set up school visits?

As stated above you can enrol your child at any time, however the more advanced notice you give us the better it is.  With our 5-year-olds, this is important as once you are enrolled Megan Wall (Office Administrator) and the New Entrant Team (Mrs. Kirsten Matthews or Miss Gaylene Hansen) can contact you to set up visits with the class.  

Do I need to come to my child’s school visits?

As your child is not legally enrolled at our school until the day they start, we are required by law to have an adult attend with the child on their school visit.  This can be a parent, caregiver, grandparent or even a family friend.  For some early childhood centers, there is the possibility of coming to visits within a group with a staff member.

New Entrant Parent Evenings.

Once you have enrolled your new entrant child we will contact you with an invitation to attend a parent evening.  This is held at the end of the term prior to your child starting school.  On this evening you will have an opportunity to

  • Meet the principal and team (If you haven’t already!)
  • Look around the class.
  • Meet other parents of children starting in the same term as your child/children.
  • Learn about Greytown School learning values, SHARP values, and other important events, routines and systems.
  • Learn about the typical day for a 5-year-old.
  • Ask questions (Big and small!)

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