What are FRoGs and what do they do?

FRoGs stand for Friends of Greytown School.

They are a team of parents, grandparents, friends within our community and teachers that help out around the school in order to

  • help children learn and experience new things eg: help teach and support the enviro kids in the garden or other enviro projects in and out of the school, help children with their learning in class, share their skills in “Options” (Gymnastics, radio, languages, sewing, art etc) or with projects the children need support with
  • make our school look fantastic eg: Weed our garden, prune roses and trees, help with a school working bee or one-off project)
  • Help at special events eg: Pet Day, Athletics Days, Space and Science Festival etc.
  • raise money to provide some “extras” around the school or help specific school groups eg: supporting the Chess club to go to Nationals.

How often do they meet?

At Greytown School, we do not have a specific night where we meet as a group as we understand that people can help in different ways and at different times.

People can either help for

  • a one-off event eg: sausage sizzle, helping out at the annual Science and Space Festival etc
  • a short term project eg: Planting/weeding the gardens, Painting projects, School Working bees
  • a longer term or “bigger” project.  Currently, we have a team of FRoGs working on raising money for a new school BIKE TRACK.

How do they raise money?

We have wonderful, hard-working parents, whānau and teachers who have raised money from sausage sizzles, auctions, summer music concerts, and other fun school community events.

How has the money been used in the past?

All money raised from the FRoGs group has made a big difference to our school.  It has enabled

  • children to attend special trips eg: Chess Club attending Nationals, School Leaders attending New Zealand Young Leaders Conference etc.
  • turning an old storage area into an additional learning space.
  • books for our library.
  • Robotics equipment for our STEAM programme.
  • plants for the school and enviro groups gardens.
  • updating our lost property area to give our Reading Recovery Room more space.
  • Enviro group equipment.

….and currently, we are working on a new bike track that children have been designing!

 (this is just an idea)

How can I get involved?

We are always keen for ideas and help in up-coming events.

You can make a big difference even by offering to help in a one-off event, but if you can offer more that’s great!

You can get involved by

  • Popping into the office to put your name down.
  • Email the office at

From here we will pass your details on to Rachel Gawith (FRoGs coordinator) and/or Ali Morgan (staff FRoGs member).  Rachel and her team will then send out emails or ring you to see if you are available to help at different times…and if you are able to great!