Kahikatea (Years 5 and 6)

E tu Kahikatea,

hei wakapae ururoa

Awhi mai, awhi atu, tatou, tatou e.

Kahikatea stand together; their roots intertwine strengthening each other.  We all help one another and together we will be strong.


Welcome to the Kahikatea Syndicate.  We have four classrooms of Year 5 and 6 children in our learning family.  Together we learn and have fun together, creating wonderful learning opportunities for our children and events that children look back on and cherish.

Our Kahikatea Syndicate Team 2020 is

  • Mrs Penny Hopkins (Assistant Principal/Kahikatea Leader) in Room 15
  • Mr Derek Walker in Room 13
  • Mr Daniel Salter in Room 14
  • Mr Blake Walker in Room 16
  • Mrs Tina Reynolds(Assistant Principal Release – 2 days) in Room 15.

To see what we are all up to come and visit us, look at our Seesaw pages or check out our School Facebook page.