SHARP kids


School SHARP Philosophy

At Greytown School we have a “Positive Behaviour for Learning” (PB4L) approach to behaviour which is part of a school nationwide programme.  This school wide approach endeavours to provide a safe, consistent and supportive system for children and staff. Our focus is to teach and encourage student’s appropriate ways of behaving in all contexts.  

At Greytown School these values are based around the acronym SHARP

S– Safety

H – Honesty

A– Achievement

R– Respect

P– Pride

On enrolling to our school students are introduced to the SHARP values.  Over their time at school they deepen their understanding as teachers and staff deliberately teach, in-still and refer to our SHARP values in all contexts of school life.

Using a positive approach we celebrate children demonstrating the SHARP values in a variety of ways eg: daily praise, class certificates, school SHARP certificates, SHARP trophies, SHARP postcards sent home, school newsletter etc…


  • At Greytown School we endeavour to be proactive and fair when responding to inappropriate behaviour.  This means our leadership team regularly review our recording and analysis process to ensure they are providing for the needs of our staff and children.
  • Our staff undertake regular professional development to ensure we are catering for the educational and social needs of our children.  The Deputy Principal represents our school on the Wairarapa PB4L initiative and works with the staff on a one-to-one basis when needed.
  • All repetitive minor and major inappropriate behaviour or events are recorded on to our SWIS (School Wide Information System) by teachers or the Deputy Principal.  This information is reviewed by the PB4L team each month to analyse needs of classes and patterns of behaviour across the school with the goal of being proactive in our responses.
  • Student’s good behaviour is recognised and rewarded accordingly through a multitude of strategies and reinforcements.
  • For the majority of our daily consequences for not following our SHARP expectations we focus on learning from our mistakes and developing responsibility for future behaviour.  However, if the actions of a child are deemed as serious and put others at risk; the consequences will be in accordance to our school behaviour systems to ensure children are provided with a safe environment.

(Please refer to our PB4L and SHARP booklet available at the school office for more specific information)